Lame Duck Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is desperately trying to preserve his waning power as it slips from his fingers. But his craven posturing is all too transparent after so many years of blatant corruption at the helm of the United States Senate.

In a statement Tuesday, Mitch said “certainly November’s elections did not hand any side a mandate for sweeping ideological change. Americans elected a closely divided Senate, a closely divided House and a presidential candidate who said he’d represent everyone.”

By McConnell’s twisted logic, he was perfectly justified in representing only the interests of the deplorables because Donald Trump never claimed to represent all Americans. But now that We The People have elected an honorable man, Mitch would like to change the rules.

He lost the Senate majority because he pandered to Trump. He defended, deflected, and enabled this American Carnage at every turn, derelict in his solemn duty to hold a legitimate Senate impeachment trial, not once, but twice. And he failed to promote policies and legislation to fight the deadly global pandemic that has cost 400,000 American lives in the year since that missed opportunity.

We will never forget how he stole the Supreme Court seat from Merrick Garland, and then steeped in filthy hypocrisy, rammed through the controversial confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett just weeks before Trump’s landslide defeat. He played dumb when asked for comment on the latest shenanigans of the president or his Senate colleagues. He packed the courts with under-qualified ideologues under the cover of endless chaos.

No, the clear mandate of the American People is to erase the treacherous orange stain of the past four years. A record number, more than 80 million patriots cast our votes to make Joe Biden our nation’s 46th President.

Toxic partisanship has been sent to the dustbin, and Mitch will soon follow. We The People will never let him wield the gavel again.

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