Kevin McCarthy is in freefall

Kevin McCarthy has proven that he is not a leader. He takes no stand; not even about the wrongfulness of calling for the execution of national leaders, the preposterous allegation that Jewish space lasers caused California’s wild fires, or that the Democrat ‘elites’ traffic in child pornography, prostitution, or child murder and sacrifice. McCarthy can’t even draw the line regarding the specious assertion that people such as Anderson Cooper and Hilary Clinton eat babies and drink their blood. 

Yet, this husk of an insentient human is the House Minority Leader and a leader of the Republican Party? McCarthy takes waffling and prevarication to whole new level of insanity by both refusing to reprimand or publicly correct the freshman Congress-member from the 14th district of Georgia and by calling for a disciplinary vote against Liz Cheney for daring to vote her conscience.

As startling as this gross departure from reason and ethics is, one cannot state that this is as low as the GOP can go. The Republicans continue to plumb depths of depravity which exceed their previous record.

Madness and insanity has become their standard mode of operation. They have divorced themselves from reality. They have declared themselves untethered from norms and conventions. By their demurring from criticizing MTG for her sheer and utter lunacy and her refusal to modify her stated conspiratorial views or apologize for calling for the deaths of fellow Congress members (!), they have given their tacit approval of QAnonsense.

Kevin McCarthy may very well be of that perverse persuasion. At the very least, he has played coy about the egregious conspiracy; going so far as to state that his ignorance of the cult and mispronouncing the group’s name. 
He is no leader. The Republic deserves better.

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