Josh Hawley sinks to a whole new low

He had grown up with everything going for him. He was handsome, successful, and had a confidence bordering on arrogance. He was determined to one day be President. Why not? He had the background, the conservative values, the education. With a deep baritone voice and a natural suaveness (that others might have seen as smarmy), he’d be a natural! Until he blew it.

On January Sixth, the Capitol was attacked. Our own people attacked it. And the potential Presidential candidate threw away his future in politics. He raised a fist in solidarity with the traitors. The fist-raising was captured in a photo that was seen worldwide and that will live on in history. One fist-raise. One ruination of a career.

Since then, the fist-raiser has been trying to get back in the news. Mostly it hasn’t worked for him. But recently, he DID get his name out there again. Unfortunately for the fist-raiser, it was mocking laughter he heard, not cheers.

Josh Hawley declared he was introducing a new bill called the “Love America” Act. Cringe.

The Love America Act would require schools to teach their students certain things like the history of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

There is a problem, though, and that is the fact that these things are ALREADY being taught. I learned about them. Didn’t you? So, yes, the mocking and push-back started instantaneously. I think a new bill should be proposed called the “Love Boat” bill. Remember that wonderful show?

It would require all insurrection supporters to get on a boat and set sail for greener pastures outside the United States. I think that bill would get so much support. Anyway, the moral of this tragic story is-fist-pumpers better be damn careful who they pump their fists at. Because, as with Hawley, it could end up ruining their careers-which frankly is no less than he deserves.

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