Josh Hawley just went even further off the rails

There is a virus going around, and I am not speaking of COVID. This virus seems to only affect Republicans, in particular Republicans who hold office. It is a virus that is spreading quickly, and it is deeply concerning.

SYMPTOMS: The symptoms of this virus are not challenging to spot. They include such things as aiding and abetting White Supremacists, whining about Democrats, pumping one’s fist in solidarity with insurrectionists, and sending out moronic tweets such as this one sent by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, a victim of this virus.

“Can’t figure out why Joe Biden is more focused on supporting illegal immigration than working Americans.” Sigh. As you can see, Mr. Hawley has been deeply afflicted by this mysterious ailment. This virus, which I’ve chosen to name the “Hawley germ,” is traveling at a high-speed rate and has already infected many a Republican Senator.

CURE: The good news is that cure has been found. This cure is administered, not by Doctors but by ALL Americans. People need to fight the “Hawley germ,” and to do that, Americans must go to the polls whenever an infected Senator or Representative is up for reelection and vote them out.

It is a quick and painless process. It appears, however, that some of those infected do not WANT to get better as they are trying to pass voter suppression legislation to limit the ability of the good people of this great country to exercise their right to make waste of this terrible germ.


So it is up to the Democrats to fight this legislation and fight to make sure every person who can vote does vote. Only then will we get rid of the dreadful “Hawley Germ” for good.

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