Josh Hawley has backed himself into a no-win corner

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Josh Hawley (Bigot-Missouri) has put himself in a no-win situation. Let me explain. Hawley was the only Republican Senator to vote against the hate crimes bill. This showed many things: he doesn’t give a damn about Asians or anyone in his seemingly non-ending quest for power.

But Hawley’s actions have doomed him. Not only is he powerless, but he also will never receive the GOP nomination for President. It was always a long shot for Hawley, but now it is a definite no. Let’s break it down.

Hawley attempted to justify his vote with many statements. I quoted one yesterday and will repeat it to show what a nimrod the Senator is. Per the Daily Beast, here is part of one of Hawley’s comments attempting to explain himself.

“It’s just, you know, the ability and power to define crimes, to define incidents going forward, and collect all that data, it just seemed hugely, hugely overbroad.”

This comment is nonsensical and makes no sense, as Hawley surely knows. But it isn’t just that.

This statement and many of his other comments on the subject will be held against Hawley not just by Democrats but by his equally ambitious Republicans. They will turn into a pack of wolves and will tear Hawley to shreds on this if Hawley tries to run. This, combined with his fist-pumping the insurrectionists, signals his political doom.

Now there is something else. Some of the MAGA folk may like Hawley for this hateful move, but there is not enough of them. Even forgetting Democrats, Independents will be utterly REPULSED by Hawley’s actions and will not vote for him.

Hawley is not Trump, will never be Trump, and will never ever be President. His no vote is excellent news for us as we continue our fight. Hawley stands alone with his vote, and his plaintive rationales are succeeding in fooling absolutely nobody except perhaps himself.

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