Jim Jordan digs himself an even deeper hole

Everybody’s least favorite screaming maniac, Congressman Jim Jordan, has humiliated himself once again. The perpetually angry Jordan seems to be vying with Mr. Ted Cruz for the title of biggest joke in Congress.

Jordan, who regularly makes a spectacle of himself, sputtering baseless conspiracy theories, is now honing in on Dr. Fauci. Fauci has been incredible during the COVID pandemic. He has offered guidance and advice, and people trust him because of his experience. Fauci is a man of science, and there is nobody better to help us during these trying times.

Someone must have forgotten to give Jordan the memo. Just a short time ago, the useless Jordan tweeted this out: “The only person who has made more wrong statements about #covid19 than Andrew Cuomo is Dr. Fauci.”

This comes from a guy with no science background whose sole accomplishment in Congress is multiple appearances on Fox Entertainment. Jordan is utterly useless as a member of Congress, and now, for some inexplicable reason he is trying to smear Fauci’s good name.

The good news is that most of the tweet responses are from people who do not like Jordan. They range from people asking Jordan to resign to others talking about the upcoming George Clooney documentary on Jordan’s College abuse scandal, which many are looking forward to viewing.


Jordan is useless, but unfortunately, he isn’t getting the message. At least many of his followers are, and they are not letting the moronic Jordan get away with his smears of Doctor Fauci.

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