Jen Psaki just nailed it

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about GOP efforts to restrict voting. She said, “Anyone who makes it harder to vote … maybe should take a close look at whether they have bad ideas and people just don’t want to support them. We should want more people to vote.”

The GOP has unpopular ideas, so they have to resort to tricking people into voting less, making people uncertain about government and the election process, and trying to get people to the polls by hating and fearing issues like abortion, gun control or talking about illegal immigrants.

The GOP’s obsession is to cut taxes for the wealthy. They try to do this every time they have a majority in congress. Has it done the American people any good? I haven’t seen that. Instead, the American people have lost financial ground over time.

The GOP did a good job in getting judges through the process. Of course, they were rated as more rightwing in outlook. But now the Supreme Court is likely 6 more conservative justices to 3 more liberal justices. They may think they have enough justices to strike down Roe v. Wade or to render decisions the way they want. But having a conservative majority is not the way to get people to the polls to vote the way you want, so they have to threaten an emergency to get people to vote.

However, the GOP found out that the judges would not install Trump as President because Trump’s attorneys filed flimsy arguments. Trump nominated justices ruled the same way that other judges ruled. This challenges the idea that justices rule according to political ideology and not according to legal precedent and laws. And this directly challenges the GOP idea that they need to appoint a majority of judges, a majority of the Supreme Court. They have the majority of judges because McConnell and the GOP were refused to confirm Obama nominations. They had the majority on the Supreme Court and then Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away and they nominated and confirmed a Supreme Court Justice within days.

I think the voters need to analyze the GOP issues and their results and see if the GOP is coming up with ideas on how to govern. The GOP decided they were the stonewall party before the last election because they just refused to hear any of the bills passed in the House of Representatives. Now they are the opposition party because they oppose anything the House of Representatives and the President wants. I think that if they had a good idea, they would pass that and the Democrats may vote for that too.

But now the GOP is built on the idea of keeping the Democrats from enacting any of their good ideas. That is not good enough to maintain existence.