Ivanka Trump just got hit with some bad news

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Who do you think of when you think of the word President? George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? Barack Obama? Joe Biden? Ivanka Trump? I am confident the last name is not whom you think about. But I’d bet Mrs. Kushner thinks of it a lot.

There have long been rumors the insurrectionist’s daughter wanted to run for President. She reportedly did consider running against Rubio for his Senate seat but decided against it, even calling the robotic lad to tell him not to worry. But Ivanka’s been handed some bad news.

Spencer Critchley, a writer and former communications consultant for Obama, spoke out about the ambitious Ivanka. And what he said was most likely not what she wanted to hear.

Critchley explained that in his opinion, Ivanka would not be able to run. One reason is because of her background. She has none. At least not in politics. But he also spoke about her questionable past and felt that would be a strike against her.

“Ivanka is obviously completely unqualified,” he said. “In terms of her experience but also in terms of her character.” These comments echo those of Mary Trump, niece of Donald and an outspoken critic of the Trump administration. None of the Trump children have the charisma to run, in Mary’s opinion, plus they could all be facing litigation themselves.

I submit there is another reason Ivanka is unsuitable. From her show biz painted on smile to her whispery Siren voice, which is certainly not authentic, Ivanka wears a mask.

At least her dad showed us who he was. The fact that he was an evil and psychotic monster is neither here nor there. But Ivanka is a product. Nobody knows the first thing about her. With all the negative feedback coming her way, this has not been a good week for the wanna-be President.

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