Is the Republican Party about to break?

It is my hope that America may be about to turn a corner. The inauguration of President Biden offers a chance for fissures to start to seal and I can only pray that this process begins when a traumatized public start to see improvements in their own lives.
My country has just had its very own right-wing coup, where the madness of Brexit has finally been completed and will, most likely, lead to the complete disintegration of the United Kingdom. As a Scotsman and supporter of Scottish independence, I am all in favor of this, however the process would have been slower had not the Brexiteers been so adamant in destroying the whole European shebang.


There has, since December 31st, been an awakening of conscience in many people who initially voted for Brexit, as they suddenly realise the horrific nature of what they have done. I see a similar awakening in parts of the Republican Party in the US. However, the continued presence of what seems to be a Tea Party type movement, further contorted Gollum-like as they try to hold on to their ‘precious,’ leads me to believe the GOP is likely to split – and very soon – heralding a generation of Democratic leadership in the US.

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