Iowa Republican Party goes completely off the rails

It looks like Iowa’s Branch Trumpvidian government is gearing up to check off some more items on their GQP wish list for the upcoming legislative session. According to Governor CovidKim Reynolds and her GQP buddies in the legislature, these include more tax cuts, pushing unemployed Iowans back to work no matter what, and a parental “bill of rights” that would allow parents to shield their children from learning about other races, cultures, and identities along with banning books.

Then there’s this doozy, which is a bill to keep businesses from requiring masks or vaccinations of their employees, even if they’re health care organizations or other businesses dealing with vulnerable populations. State Senator Ron Jacobson (Q-Horse’s Ass) was spouting off about how requiring Iowans to be adults and protect others was akin to slavery and that this was a civil rights bill.

This is further proof that Iowa’s Branch Trumpvidian government only cares about two groups of people. Namely CovidKim’s wealthy benefactors and the Branch Trumpvidian base. They don’t care about actually fixing the pandemic or any other problems in this state while our health care providers are overwhelmed, and the state is falling apart:


I was recently offered a job in another state so I’m moving soon. It’s a shame too since I lived in Iowa my entire life and still love Iowa but with a state government that is locked in a contest with the likes of Florida and Texas to have the 50th best state it made my choice easy. The other state has its own issues, as does every state but I feel better about moving to a state with a functional government that is doing what it can to solve the many issues we are facing.

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