Investigating Josh Hawley

This week, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper sharply criticized the Show Me State’s two Republican senators, Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt. The publication saved its harshest words for Hawley, telling him to join others in holding the previous president accountable or resign. It’s unlikely Hawley will do either, as he’s a self-absorbed power seeker who assumes the masses aren’t all that smart. Furthermore, Hawley sees his political future in ingratiating himself with the bedraggled citizens who worship at the altar of the preceding president.

Hawley is a proponent of the Big Lie, despite the fact that he knows President Biden won the election incontrovertibly. Before the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, Hawley raised his angry fist to incite and show solidarity with white supremacists who would soon storm the temple of democracy. This sitting senator overtly showed his support of domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol in the name of an election-losing president and a demonstrably untrue belief. Now Hawley stands accused, justifiably, of inciting domestic terrorism. Accordingly, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has proffered a resolution that would investigate and hold accountable the members of Congress, including Hawley, who incited the Capitol attack.

Hawley won’t do the right thing, as it’s not in his nature or his politics. If he admits the former president categorically lost the election, he’d be walking back his Big Lie. If he admits the former president incited the violent mobs, then his own documented role in inciting them would take on even more gravity. Hawley is a danger to democracy, and he doesn’t care that he played a big role in the chaos at the Capitol, just as he doesn’t care that he endangered the lives of his colleagues in Congress. We must urge our congressional leaders to support Rep. Bush’s resolution.

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