Increasingly bitter Marco Rubio is in a downward spiral


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There is a real pattern of behavior out there called self-sabotage. This is a type of behavior where an individual participates in their own self-defeat. They sometimes do this unconsciously. And there is a particular person whom I believe is indulging in this behavior right now.

This person is a United States Senator. And lately, this Senator’s actions have been so bizarre that I am convinced he is self-sabotaging. This is Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Rubio’s behavior has been particularly odd lately. But over the weekend, he did something that was in such obvious poor taste that I am convinced that Rubio’s unconscious is signaling to his consciousness that maybe he SHOULDN’T be reelected.

This Sunday was Father’s Day. This is a special holiday honoring daddies everywhere. So nice! All over the internet, cheerful and warm messages were sent to our wonderful fathers. Only someone forgot to give Rubio the memo. Or maybe his fascination with UFOs is deeply affecting his brain.

Rubio took to Twitter. His mood seemed dark and bitter. Then he proceeded, not to celebrate Fathers Day but to insult single mothers everywhere.

“Every major social problem in America can be linked to fatherlessness,” Rubio tweeted, stunning Twitter users everywhere with his bizarre tweet. Rubio went on to declare that when involved fathers are rare, “crisis is certain to follow.”


As you might expect, this tweet was met with fury from single mothers everywhere. There is something very wrong with Rubio. I refuse to believe he is so idiotic that he would not know how offensive this tweet would be. But since he apparently didn’t, one has to assume he is either idiotic or engaging in self-sabotage. After all, everybody knows the hapless Senator wanted to be President and had to be talked into running. So, what’s a little self-sabotage to someone like Rubio?


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