I beg your pardon

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Monday morning on NBC Today Show, Real Estate agent and Capitol Hill insurrectionist, Jenna Ryan, announced that she has “no guilt in my heart” about her participation in the assault on American Democracy on January 6th in which she was a willing participant.

I felt my Inner Texas Woman emerge as I listened to her interview: hair Texas-perfect, nails Texas-perfect, eyeliner Texas-perfect, and her freshly botoxed-face barely moving as she proclaimed her “right” to feel like a “martyr”, to feel “persecuted”.

Oh, poor baby girl! How ever could we treat someone like you this way! Where are my pearls! Goodness! Ya’ll! She just had no idea there was violence goin’ on!

Give me a break darlin’, you tweeted “We just stormed the Capital (sic) It was one of the best days of my life.” Your own selfie-videos indicate that you knew you were committing breaking and entering “We’re all gonna be up here – we’re gonna be breakin’ those windows.” “We’re gonna go in here, life or death, it doesn’t matter!”

And now you want to say you did nothing wrong? Honey, even in Houston, where I’m from that’s just a bald face lie.

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