Huge new scandal for Greg Abbott in Texas

Apparently the University of Texas opposes communicating the truth to Texas Longhorn football fans. A TV ad which severely criticized Texas Trumpublican Governor Greg Abbott‘s handling of the COVID epidemic in his state was scheduled to air last Saturday during a U. of Texas Longhorns football game. But 10 minutes before kickoff, the TV station abruptly pulled the ad from the game broadcast.

The group that produced the ad is the Lincoln Project, which runs numerous TV spots criticizing Trumpublicans around the country. I have seen the ad, titled “Abbott‘s Wall.” It’s a very powerful message that the caskets of the 60,000 Texans who have died from the coronavirus because of Abbott’s lies and mismanagement of COVID in Texas, would build a wall stretching from Austin to San Antonio. Here’s the ad:


The Texas football mantra “Hook ‘em Horns” apparently applies not only to the Longhorns football team’s opponents, but to the critics of Trumpublican lackey Gov. Greg Abbott.

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