How Merrick Garland bested the Republican House

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I have noted whining and hand wringing by folks of blue persuasion in reaction to the appointment by Attorney General Merrick Garland of a special counsel to investigate the classified documents found in Joe Biden‘s office and home when he was Vice President.

At first, I was also angry and upset that AG Garland would try to appease the right wing Republican nut jobs by appointing a special counsel into the classified document matter.

As pointed out earlier in this newsletter, the Biden situation is totally different than what happened with Trump. Trump intentionally stole hundreds of highly classified documents. Including nuclear secrets, and took them down to his Mar-a-Lago compound to store in non-secure places open to any workers or visitors. In contrast, Biden apparently accidentally overlooked sensitive documents he didn’t know he still had in his possession. Biden is cooperating fully in returning all the documents to the National Archives. Trump’s evasive noncooperation in returning the documents resulted in the need for a judge to approve a warrant for a search of Trump’s property.


In thinking more about the situation, I have concluded that it was a smart move by Attorney General Garland. In appointing a special counsel, he basically made a preemptive strike against the false inquisition committee recently installed by the Trumpublican Congress.

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