House Republicans completely abandon their “Back the Blue” stances

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Prometheus, in Greek mythology, was known as one of the Titans. He had a good and compassionate heart and very much wanted to help all of humankind. So one day, Prometheus stole something called fire. He then gifted it to the humans.

His actions angered Zeus. As punishment for what Zeus perceived as a crime, Prometheus was chained to a rock where an eagle preyed upon him. Prometheus was eventually freed. My point? There are many ways of looking at this extraordinary world. Some choose to look at it with deep love and an abundance of courage. Prometheus is an example of that. So are The Capitol police.

And then there are the others. There are those people who are lost to a sea of hatred and deep malevolence. Rep. Andrew Clyde is such a person. Clyde (hater-insurrection party-Georgia) has made headlines and not in a good way. He has refused to shake the hand of one of the heroic Capitol Police officers.

Michael Fanone, one of the Capitol officers and a hero, encountered Clyde in a Capitol elevator. Fanone introduced himself as an officer who “fought to defend the Capitol on January 6.” Fanone was also beaten horribly and suffered a brain injury and a heart attack.

According to Fanone, Clyde refused to acknowledge him. Clyde reportedly turned away from the heroic cop, thumbed through his phone, and ran like a bat out of hell when the elevator doors opened.

This is the same Clyde who said calling the attack an insurrection is a lie. There are different ways of looking at the world, alright. Prometheus acted out of goodness and generosity. Fanone and the rest of the Capitol police acted out of loyalty, humanity, and courage. Clyde’s actions are motivated by hate and wickedness. Prometheus he is not.

Clyde needs to be disciplined for this horrific behavior as he proves once again that the GOP are no supporters to our friends in Blue.

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