House Republican admits Marjorie Taylor Greene could cost the GOP in the midterms

Far-right, unqualified, and unethical people like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and a too-big contingent of other members of the QAnon party are representative of the GOP. We used to play along with the notion that there was some sort of intellectual and compassionate component to the Republican party, but we can no longer naively pretend that this is the case. The party is now wholly owned by regressive, dystopian, theocratic wannabes. This leaves many heretofore independent and Republican voters disaffected in the political wilderness. Let’s ensure that the most heinous GOP members of Congress continue to be the face of that radicalized and backward party, hopefully attracting as many disaffected voters as possible to Democrats on the ballot.

Every few days, if not daily, the likes of Greene and Boebert remind us of their deplorableness. They’re joined by democracy-hostile, insurrection-supporting representatives like Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), and Jim Jordan (R-OH). CNN’s Capitol Hill reporter, Melanie Zanona, this weekend told us that even Chip Roy (R-TX) has expressed serious concerns that these unhinged elements of his party will define the party in the eyes of the electorate, saying “Greene cannot be the face of our party. It’s going to hurt us in swing districts, it’s going to undermine our chances of winning back the majority.”


That’s just too bad. Greene and her disreputable Republican chums are already the face of the party. Let’s remind our compatriots of what’s at stake here, all while putting in efforts to elect more Democrats up and down the ballot, at all levels of government. We can’t sit around doom-scrolling on social media; we must each find ways to participate in progressive activism to increase our slim majorities in Congress. With more real Democrats on Capitol Hill, we can effect real change.

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