House Democrats just dropped the hammer

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was not held to any sort of standards by Kevin McCarthy, for her hateful and divisive rhetoric, has now been kicked off of her committees. In a vote Thursday evening, the House voted 230-199 for Greene to go. And now Democrats have set the tone.

This tone is that one cannot just spew bitter hate, crazy conspiracy theories and violent threats without being held accountable. So far, Greene has not given much of a response. That will most likely change however, as she’s announced a press conference tomorrow. Whatever hatred Greene chooses to spew, it will not do anything. She is now off all committees.

The surprising thing is that 11 members of the Republican House of Representatives joined Democrats in voting for Greene’s committee exile. There had been talk of perhaps a few Republicans voting yes, but it was not expected to be at the number it arrived at. To all of those eleven Congressman, we say Good Job. To all of the 199 Republicans who voted no, what we say to that is this: history will not be kind to you at all.

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