House Democrats are making their move against Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is quickly becoming the face of the GOP. It’s most assuredly not a good look to the average American who doesn’t subscribe to far-fetched conspiracy theories or value hubristic ignorance. Some Republican members of Congress are uncomfortable with Greene, of course, but they’re not going to be bothered to do much about her unless they see their own reelection chances jeopardized.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is a weak leader and it’s unlikely he’ll do much to curb Greene when he has his face-to-face meeting, necessitated by her growing controversies, with her this week. In fact, McCarthy just days ago appointed Greene to the House Education and Labor Committee, as well as the House Budget Committee. Greene doesn’t belong in Congress, much less on congressional committees. Greene is a QAnon cultist who holds a number of deranged beliefs. Greene is a denier of school shootings, has called Democrats Satanist pedophiles, and she blames California’s 2018 wildfires on “Jewish space lasers.”

Some Democrats are forging ahead with an effort to strip Greene of her House committee assignments, especially since it’s unlikely that Greene will resign, and expulsion requires a hard-to-meet two-thirds threshold. It’s unclear what path the Democrats’ resolution would take, although it does involve an ultimatum to McCarthy. Greene is incompetent in many ways, but she’s also villainous and brazen enough to do harm as a member of Congress. It’s unlikely the GOP will do much to distance itself from Greene unless individual Republicans see her as an impediment to their reelection prospects or something even more egregious surfaces. Since new and appalling details seem to emerge about Greene almost daily, we’ll just have to wait and see if her GOP colleagues reach the limits of their tolerance.

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