Greg Abbott sure blew this one

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has called on the federal government to step up its assistance to Texas to fight the omicron variant of Covid-19. The infection and hospitalization rate in Texas has greatly increased due to the new strain of the disease.

I’m sure that many if not most readers of this publication recognize that Governor Abbott, a Trumpublican, has vigorously opposed federal mask and vaccine mandates, even to the extent of suing the Biden Admimistration in federal court for an injunction to stop the mandates. When some obtuse federal judge granted Abbott the injunction, the governor was gleefully crowing about his big win in court.

Abbott’s alleged triumph was in fact a Pyrrhic victory, as the omicron infection rate in Texas has increased dramatically. A lack of masking and vaccination mandates is no doubt a significant contributing factor in the wildfire spread of the disease in Texas, in light of the overwhelming agreement of health authorities that masking and vaccinations are vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Governor Abbott reminds me of a careless kid who plays with fire and blames everyone except himself when he gets burned as a result. A late call to the federal government to rush in and put out his raging fire, is another glaring example of Abbott’s irresponsible leadership of Texans into the abyss of failure.

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