Good news for Joe Biden

I do so love hearing good news in politics. And we have some right here. It has to do with President Biden and his approval numbers. New polling information is out. This has to do with Biden’s approval numbers with Hispanics.

Biden won this group in the 2020 election, but the media consensus was that he did not win enough of them. I do not necessarily agree with this analysis, but it was an issue that was discussed quite a bit.

But now, there is some new polling data. And it shows excellent news for our President!

Gallup took a look at all its recent polls. They did this to get a very large sample. And what they found is that President Biden’s numbers among Hispanics have gone up significantly.

Biden’s approval among this group now stands at 72%. This is even higher than the 2020 election, where Biden won 65% of the Hispanic vote. Other polls have also shown an uptick in support from Hispanic voters.

There could be a variety of reasons for this. I happen to think the reason is pretty simple. Biden’s presidency is a success, and people see it. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one. And these poll numbers are deeply significant. And they could help the Democrats heading into an election year.

Many swing states such as Florida and Texas have a large number of Hispanic voters. So it stands to reason that these numbers show great news for the President. Congratulations to President Biden for these winning numbers.

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