God bless Jimmy Carter

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As many of you have no doubt heard, President Jimmy Carter decided to stop hospital care and entered hospice care. When going into hospice a patient generally is expected to live six months at the most so in all likelihood President Carter will be leaving us this year. It takes lot of courage to face one’s mortality as Carter did here. While I and others had hopes that Carter would reach 100 years old, I wouldn’t want it to be at the expense of his comfort and I respect his decision.

I believe President Carter is the best President of my entire lifetime (almost 48 years). To me, Carter is at least 40 times better than the Orange Florida Dips—t (OFD). This is a man who did the best he could with the hand he was dealt during his time as President despite sabotage from the Republican party and unholy deals between the GOP and hostile powers. This is a guy who actually lived his faith in God and Jesus Christ both before, during, and after his Presidency.

Carter’s Christian faith was not something he uses as a political prop or something to beat others over the head with. This was a guy who taught Sunday school and built homes for those less fortunate than him into his 90s. Opposed to OFD, who does nothing to help other human beings unless he gets something in return, twists the words of Jesus Christ and Christ’s followers for OFD’s own sick ends, holds hate rallies, and orgasms off the violent deaths of others.

President Carter is the perfect example of what a President should be, and who every person who takes the oath of office should aspire to be. I will miss him when he leaves us.

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