Game over, Donald Trump

Inauguration Day is not a public holiday, but it may as well be. For decades the people of this country have celebrated the inauguration of a new president. Inaugural events last for a week or more, and they are typically a time of joy.

When President-Elect Biden won the 2020 election there was literal dancing in the streets all across America. Champagne bottles popped for 12 hours straight. Around the country, and indeed around the globe, people were thrilled. Church bells rang; fireworks were set off. The healing, we knew, was about to start.

Today Washington, D.C. looks like a fortress. It’s completely closed off to the millions of Americans who would otherwise be present tomorrow to celebrate the inauguration of these two great leaders. It’s sad – not only for our nation, but for our President and Vice President Elect. And, it is this way thanks to the doing of a few corrupt Republicans and one very corrupt outgoing “President.”

As if the challenges of the Pandemic weren’t enough, maybe he thinks he is getting the last word with this latest act of destruction; one final turn of the screw. Let’s tell him he isn’t. Watch the ceremonies tomorrow. Enjoy them. Have a cocktail. Dance. Because the worst thing that has happened to this country in a long time is about to be booted out on his ass.

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