Fox News shamefully tries to misrepresent General Colin Powell’s death and COVID

Former Secretary of State and past Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Colin Powell has passed away from COVID-related complications. He had received all vaccinations but was severely immunocompromised by a blood cancer condition.

Instead of lamenting the passing of a great American, the anti-vaxxers such as Fox News talking knuckehead John Roberts, are joyfully proclaiming that the death of General Powell is proof of the ineffectiveness of the Covid vaccinations. After a huge backlash, Roberts deleted his tweet, but the irresponsible misinformation lingers.

Colin Powell may have received the necessary COVID vaccinations, but he was in a weakened physical state and no doubt contracted the deadly virus from another member of his community that failed to get their vaccinations.


The COVID vaccine is only as effective as the community that responsibly accepts it. It is common knowledge that communities with a majority of unvaccinated residents, currently have the most hospitalizations and deaths from the COVID virus. Most of these locations are in Trumpublican red states, where anti-vaxxers abound, but common sense is in short supply.

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