Fox News must be held accountable for this

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The story about folks ingesting the horse dewormer, called “Ivermectin,” seemed to shock many Palmer Report readers who had not known about it and were stunned when they found out.

Between a day ago when I wrote the story and today as I write another story, things have become even worse regarding this crazy story. I feel it is important to keep readers updated. This “fad,” or whatever one wants to call it, has now spread to MANY more states.

A police officer in Georgia who advocated for Ivermectin’s use has just passed away from COVID.

Feed stores report that many of them are running out of medication and have to double their animal medication orders.

Owners of horses need the medication to treat their horses, and there is a shortage of the drug that has begun.

In the state of Arkansas, a doctor is now under investigation for prescribing the drug to “thousands” of human beings, and some of those humans include prisoners.

As I mentioned, the FDA has warned against humans consuming this drug. But as well as know, MAGA trusts Fox far more than a little thing called science.

Fox is to blame for much of this. And I believe litigation may follow. I say this because many Palmer Report readers have mentioned that Fox should be disciplined for actually even mentioning this on their hate show.

People taking this horse and cow drug should know that symptoms include vomiting, high blood pressure, bowel problems, seizures, and death.

The misinformation regarding this drug is also permeating social media, so if you see it, please correct the record if you can. There was a time that, if someone had reported this story and I’d read it, I’d have laughed in amazement and most likely called it fake news. But it isn’t. This is our new reality. And that’s the terrifying part.

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