Fox News host Jesse Watters backs himself into a corner

Jesse Watters, a Fox host and a living embodiment of all that is wrong with frat boy caricatures, is misbehaving as frat boy caricatures tend to do. Watters will not stop babbling about how President Biden’s press conference wasn’t really a press conference. The Fox host whined about how easy the media went on Biden. He also accused the media of ignoring reality.

Watters is one of those people whom one marvels even has a show at all. A former protege of fallen snake oil salesman Bill O’Reilly, Watters and his show seem to exist for no other reason than to poke fun at Biden and imply that people are stupid. Watters wears a smirk that never leaves his face.

But what he is saying is false. The media was tough on Biden. Not only did COVID not come up once, but they seemed fixated on whether he would run again in 2024. They also did not seem interested in much except the pretend “crisis” at the border.

It is easy to see why Watters is doing this. He’d have no show if he didn’t act obnoxious, rude, and ill-mannered. Watters was never going to compliment Biden on anything since that is not in the fake News Network’s narrative.

Imagine how many viewers Wacky Watters would lose if he tweeted, “great job Mr. President.” His show would be no more, so he has to do this. He is Watters, and hate is his world.

That doesn’t make it right, though. Watters is one of those people one cannot take seriously. Let him continue to whine as President Biden goes about fixing the problems and finding solutions for the American People.

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