Fox News goes all in

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What on earth has happened to Fox Entertainment? (Fox News). The fake news network has always been a propaganda outlet, smug in their Alt-Right agenda and okay with “Race-baiting, xenophobic bigots” as hosts (thank you for that quote Lindsey Graham). But now, the network seems to have gone full-on Russia.

If you turned on the fake news station these days, one would not even know they were an American Network. They seem to be rooting actively AGAINST America.

This is evidenced by how eagerly Fox hosts like Sean Hannity want Biden to debate Putin. And I’m not sure whom they would like to win. Hannity is positively drooling over the thought. It has occupied his segments, and he had Crazy Matt Gaetz on who said if a debate DID happen, “I don’t think that America would prevail.”

Host Harris Faulkner came out and said it would be hypocritical of Biden NOT to debate. Say what?

Twitter is now exploding with outrage from Journalists and people questioning if Fox has gone off the deep end. Some people are saying Fox is acting like they WANT Putin to beat Biden. Many think Fox has gone firmly to the side of the enemy.

Make no bones about it. Russia is not our friend, although carnival barkers like Hannity honestly do not seem to know that. It all has a sort of unreal quality.

No telling if Fox is doing this to boost their ratings or if the hosts believe their propaganda. No doubt Russia loves it as folks like Hannity and Carlson make excellent “useful idiots.”

It would be great if people would turn off their televisions when this rhetoric was spewed. But look whom we are dealing with. Fox is proving itself not just a loony far-right entertainment network but also a network with hosts that may be actively rooting against their nation. That, my friends, is truly dangerous.

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