Fox News ducks and covers


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Something strange was going on. It was time for the show “Fox and Friends.” All over the country, rabid Republicans rushed toward their televisions. Fox — fair and honest (Ha!) played relentlessly at Republican-owned businesses everywhere.

The people waited breathlessly. They could not wait to hear their favorite non-pundits talk about the non-news of the day. And something loomed large in the minds of the Fox audiences. It was abortion rights.

Their beloved court had come through for them. By refusing to hear the “people as bounty hunters” case, it was now official. Texas was now officially the Republic of Gilead. So, the Fox viewers settled in to watch their beloved propaganda network.

But something odd happened — something that left viewers with their mouths opened, bewildered, desperately trying to figure out what was wrong. The pundits appeared. And the viewers waited. And waited. And waited. But — how unusual — barely a mention of the day’s biggest story. Scarcely a mention of the great news. Now, why was that?

Fox and Friends spent 26 seconds on the story. Other non-pundits on the hate network did not mention it at all. Stunned viewers couldn’t figure it out. Why was their savior, the non-news agent of death — barely talking about such celebratory news?

The reason for that is obvious to anyone who doesn’t watch Fox. Fox did not speak of this travesty because they can’t. For years, Republicans opined about abortion. For years, they wailed about removing Roe V. Wade. But they never thought it might — gulp — HAPPEN!

It wasn’t supposed to. This was a campaign issue solely designed to outrage their constituency and get them to flock to the polls. But now it HAD happened. And people everywhere were — and are outraged.


This is why you barely hear a peep from Fox. This is why GOP Senators are not celebrating everywhere. And this is why the Supreme Court made their decision in the dead of night, like the cowards they are. They’re scared. They don’t want the public outcry that has already begun to happen. And their cowardice is the reason why we will win in 2022.


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