Fox News bottoms out

Troll TV (Fox News) has always been deplorable. But in recent months, their rhetoric has become worse. We have had Terrible Tucker Carlson endorse the “White replacement theory.” We have had Sean Hannity calling 13-year-old police shooting victims “adults.” We have had numerous Fox hosts openly call for a debate between President Biden and Vladimir Putin. The list goes on.

So why now? A few things are going on. Fox needs ratings badly, and they know it. Many an insane MAGA have abandoned them for even more cultish television. There is also the fact that the former guy gave many, including Fox, permission to be themselves.

A good analogy is Pandora. In mythology, Pandora was created by the gods out of clay. She was given many gifts, including beauty. She was also given the gift, that for her, would prove to be her undoing. She was endowed with curiosity.

Pandora was married to Epimetheus. Zeus, the leader of all the Gods, gave Pandora a jar for her wedding gift, warning her she must not, under any circumstances, open it. Of course, Pandora didn’t listen. She opened the box, releasing into the world sickness, poverty, death, and many other evils.

I mention this story because it is, in many ways, the story of Trumpism and Fox Entertainment. The MAGA crowd’s racism and fury were already long formed, hiding in a jar, waiting for the right evil to bring them out. Donald Trump was that evil. He didn’t create hatred. The hatred was in hiding. And it is out and on full display on the Fox propaganda network.


We can overcome the propaganda. We started when we elected President Biden. There are many more of us than there are of them. As Fox spews their hatred that’s been let loose from the box, we can overcome the forces of evil with love, strength and determination.

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