Donald Trump’s goons are spending his final night in office taking their idiocy to a whole new level

How are right wing conspiracy types spending the last night of their hero’s occupation of the White House? Are they taking a moment to reflect on the ways in which this country has suffered under their hero’s watch? Are they taking the time to remember the 400,000 plus Americans who died from the pandemic and the millions more that have been infected? Oh, Hell no. They spent their time harassing a Maryland business that’s at the center of the deranged “Pizzagate” theory. That’s right, instead of doing something useful with their time they instead protested in front of the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

This episode shows it will take years to undo all the harm QAnon and similar conspiracies have done to our country. It will take years to deprogram the true believers, if such a thing can even be done. Personally, I have my doubts. In that way, the outgoing occupant of the White House is not the disease, but merely a symptom of the disease. That disease is a cultural sickness that feeds on lies, hatred, and misinformation.

In the coming years it will take a multi-pronged approach to defeat this disease, which has infected our country at its very core. It will take a combination of education and holding people who spread misinformation accountable. It will take the shining of a bright light upon those who flourish in a climate of fear, hatred, and paranoid suspicion when they rise up to spread their horse manure again. It’s my hope the incoming President and his administration will start to work to undo all the damage that has been done.

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