Eric Swalwell slam dunks idiot Paul Gosar

Rep. Paul Gosar (insurrection supporter-insurrectionist party-Arizona) is a hateful and sick man. Gosar is now being excoriated for comments he made on Twitter.

Paul Gosar tweeted out in support of Ashli Babbitt. She is the insurrectionist who was shot and killed by Capitol police while attempting to break into the Capitol. Gosar tweeted this: “They took her life. They could not take her pride.”

If those words sound familiar to you, it is because they come from a beautiful song called: Pride (in the name of love) by the band U2.

I very much doubt Gosar has any understanding of a band like U2 and what they represent. His taking the band’s words out of context like that was despicable.

Fortunately, Congressman Eric Swalwell was on it.

Swalwell (great Congressman-Democrat-California) tweeted this in response:

“From back the blue to blame the blue. @housegop member calls Jan. 6 cop a murderer. @GOPLeader McCarthy’s silence is complicity.”

Thank you, Congressman Swalwell.

If I were U2, I’d be pretty pissed about now. This is a band that is hardly likely to align themselves with insurrectionists.

As for Babbitt, I am sorry for her family. However, she is no hero. She was attempting to enter the Capitol to overthrow the Government illegally.

And now the heroic Police are being blamed for doing their job.

First, they are denied a January sixth commission, and next, they are basically called murderers by Gosar.

As for Swalwell, he is proving to be outstanding at hitting back on the big lie. And his words about the GOP- “from back the blue to blame the blue” are correct.

Democrats need to get this message out because it is true. The GOP has turned its backs on the blue. They can never, with a straight face, say they back the blue again. They will surely try, but they will not be at all believable. Kudos to Congressman Swalwell for his accurate and timely pushback.

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