Down goes Mar-a-Lago

USA Today reported this weekend that a portion of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has had to be closed due to an outbreak of Covid -19. A receptionist at the Mar-a-Lago Club confirmed the news, saying it was closed until further notice, m but declined to comment further.

Although unauthorized to discuss the situation, one person familiar with club operations said on the condition of anonymity that the club closed a section “for a short period of time” and quarantined some of its workers.

The extent of the outbreak and its effects on Trump’s family were not immediately clear. If Trump normally eats at the club, what the heck is he going to do? Will he make Melania follow the detailed 7-step instructions for serving him his diet coke, and force her to burn him a steak? It appears Covid super-spreader events are continuing to follow Trump around wherever he goes.

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