Don’t fall for it

Don’t fall for it. What am I speaking of? I am speaking of misleading statements. These statements are not by Republicans. They are by what I call “doomsday scenario people.” Allow me to elaborate.

This week, the Senate Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, ruled against the Democrats including the minimum wage increase in the COVID relief bill. Many took it hard. I get that. As passionate Democrats, this is an issue we’ve been fighting for, forever, it seems.

But since this ruling, I have seen some of these naysayers blame Kamala Harris for not overruling the decision. I have seen outraged people insist this was some “plot” by the Democrats, whom, these people say, never really wanted to raise the minimum wage anyway.

These people are toxic. Look, we are all allowed our views. Free speech is essential in the United States. And we are not the party of stifling free speech like the GOP. Nor do we always have to agree with our elected leaders. Democrats have a big tent. Diversity of opinions are always welcome. But unfounded conspiracy theories and rumors are not.

I doubt most reading this are the ones making them but be on guard when you see them. Now here is the truth. Raising the minimum wage was never going to be easy. Nor would Harris overruling the decision mean anything because we still would not have the votes.

Doing that would also delay precious COVID relief. People need this relief. Unemployment benefits for some expire quite soon, and if this Bill does not go through, 11.4 million could lose their benefits.


So, if the decision were overruled, the minimum wage increase wouldn’t pass anyway. And it would hold up vital relief. I believe we will see an increase in the federal minimum wage. So we keep up the good fight. We are winning, but we cannot let crazy conspiracy theories turn us against our leaders and each other.

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