Donald Trump’s QAnon loons are now ripping each other apart

In recent weeks QAnon personalities have a new target for their hateful stupidity: each other. Apparently, the pressure from the fallout over the 2020 election and their subsequent terrorist attack on the capital has got the Q morons turning on each other. They’ve taken to calling each other Satanists, communists, pedophiles, and other terms of endearment on recorded phone calls, podcasts, social media, and other platforms. Some q morons are accusing other q idiots of only being in the whole flaming pile of crap just for the money.

With Q himself – the moron who started the whole movement – having gone quiet and the Orange F—k Face (OFF) out of power the whole QAnon movement has been struggling these past few months as they face the consequences of their actions and personalities like Ghouliani, Wood, Powell, Flynn, Stone, and so on all flinging liquid manure at each other to see what sticks. The various Q morons are all fighting to be top dog in the movement, accusing other members of sabotaging OFF and misusing the millions in funding the movement has received.


Hopefully we’ll continue to see the Q morons all turning on each other, and those who had any role in the January 6 terrorist attack rolling over on each other. And that it leads to OFF facing the consequences of his actions for one of the few times in his worthless life.

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