Donald Trump’s mob grooming

The orange-headed crime boss Trump repeatedly cultivated and whipped up the violent impulses and frenzy of his insurgent forces at rally after rally and in tweet after tweet, leading up to the Capitol assault on January 6. He employed devious grooming tactics to manipulate others for his personal gain.

Grooming tactics have long been in the playbook of the con-in-chief Boss Trump. “Grooming” is psychological preparation or behavioral conditioning to place others in a vulnerable, trusting position and frame of mind. Most often it applies to sexual predators, but other nefarious purposes can also be the goal of the perpetrator.

Boss Trump’s sexual predatory tactics were famously exposed prior to the 2016 election after his infamous “grab ’em by the [female sexual part]” video.

The mob grooming tactics of Trump included numerous inflammatory speeches and tweets rousing the violent excitement of his cult members; calling the Charlottesville white extremists “very fine people;” praising his followers who beat up peaceful protestors at his rallies; and schmoozing his murderous mob on January 6 with comforting strokes that they were special and he loved them.

The House managers of the second impeachment case quoted various insurrection rabble blaming their dear leader for inciting their riotous and murderous impulses by his words and actions. They worshipped their false orange-head god above all other authority.

Undoubtedly this evidence is being compiled in the course of the investigation by the January 6 committee of Congress. The promises of pardons to insurrectionists are also being attributed to certain Trumpublican members of Congress, according to new revelations in the recent bombshell Rolling Stone reporting. There will be no jail pardons for the predatory offenses of the Mob-Boss-In-Chief.

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