Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago shutdown is even uglier than we thought

I recently wrote about portions of Mar-a-Lago having to close and some staff quarantined, but now there is more information. An email was sent to Mar-a-Lago club members that “some” staff had tested positive for Covid-19 and the Dining Room and Beach Club were closed “out of an abundance of caution” due to the outbreak. If I were a club member I would probably like to know how many “some” is.

Former White House Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders held a fundraiser at the resort just last weekend, where Trump paid a “surprise visit. If this turns out to be yet another Trump super spreader event, it will likely be a surprise to some, but not me. Photos from the event do not show anyone wearing a mask. I wonder what it costs to get Covid at one of Trump’s super spreader events?

The Associated Press reports the club has been a flurry of activity in recent weeks, hosting events and fundraisers. Trump posed with maskless supporters there, standing arm-to-arm, on March 17th.

Last January, Palm Beach County issued a warning to management for violating an ordinance to wear masks at a New Year’s Eve party of 500. The club was told future violations would result in fines of $15,000. The AP attempted to contact the Florida Department of Health, but did not receive an immediate response.

A senior Brazilian official tested positive last year after spending time at Mar-a-Lago, where he posed for a photo with Trump and attended a party. Could it actually be possible that Trump caused the Covid crisis in Brazil? Again, wouldn’t surprise me at all. Trump always wreaks havoc in his path.

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