Donald Trump’s deadly new rally


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As more and more people get sick from the Delta variant and more angry anti-maskers spout their rageful rhetoric, a rally is being planned. This rally will take place in the state of Alabama. Cullman, Alabama, to be precise. And it will feature as the star of the said rally — his royal puffiness, the king of kings among failed insurrections.

As this rally is being planned, with several MAGAS already there and eagerly camping out, a state of emergency has just been declared in Alabama. Why?

Because Alabama has a low vaccination rate, and so, of course, it is logical that the delta variant is doing its deadly work in Alabama, which is terrible news because Alabama has run out of ICU beds.

This rally is scheduled to take place on Saturday — while the state’s COVID numbers skyrocket and the unvaccinated get sicker.

If you want to protest this event and maybe save some lives doing it, email the city of Culman. Implore anyone you know who may reside in that state to stay home and be careful.

You do not have to attend this ghastly event to get sick. The MAGAS who will go happily where their dear leader calls them will almost undoubtedly spread their germs to others. Many will get sick themselves. Their children could get sick. We do not need any more sick children.


The prospect of illness appears not to matter to either the former guy or his klan. This, of course, is to be expected, but I feel a sense of doom thinking of the consequences that inevitably may come as the result of a frenzied and clueless cult.


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