Donald Trump just found out the hard way

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While Orange Fornicate Face (OFF) may no longer be using his Twitter account, despite being unbanned by that hate speech enabler Musk, it’s still there and there is still data within that account that could be used against OFF.

Back in January of this year Jack Smith’s team sought a search warrant for OFF’s Twitter user account data. Twitter fought to keep from providing the data and in fact at one point was fined for their behavior by the court in the process. Smith’s team also obtained a non-disclosure order to kept Twitter from telling OFF and giving him the opportunity to destroy evidence or flee the country. This Wednesday the DC Appeals Court unsealed the decision about how district court handled the decision, basically saying the lower court had handled it correctly.

If OFF hasn’t already learned this, he’s about to learn that the internet is forever, especially when related to his Twitter activities on January 6 and that some of his tweets from back then are going to come back to bite him in the ass.

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