Donald Trump Jr. just blew it

If Donald Trump Jr. wants to do something, one can be assured that what he wants to do will indeed be ridiculous and wrong. That’s just the way it rolls with Junior. We are not talking Einstein here. And what the tot really wants to do is see Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney defeated.

Junior wants that because Cheney had the unmitigated gall to act like a human being and speak out against Junior’s monstrous papa, the former guy, Donald Trump (Insurrectionist Party.)

So, Junior was deeply excited about a Wyoming bill that would require any candidate in Wyoming to achieve more than 50% of the primary vote in order to get the nomination. Otherwise, they would have to be in a runoff.

Baby Junior was excited since he thought it would be easier to get Cheney out that way and get a candidate of his choice in. Sadly for the little monster, the bill failed. It was close with a vote of 15 against and 14 for.

Wyoming representatives were concerned about the bill’s cost and the changes that would have to have been made to the voting process. They did not abandon the bill entirely. They may take it up again in a few years and talked about perhaps looking at it in 2023.

But that is not the result Junior wanted, and he must be pretty disappointed about now. We applaud Wyoming’s decision. As for Junior, no doubt he will do what he usually does, which is tweeting out nonsensical things and posting stupid memes. Like father, like son.

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