Donald Trump Jr is falling to pieces

Donald Trump Junior (Insurrectionist’s son-Republican) and Hunter Biden (Son of our wonderful President, Joe Biden) have been in a war of words lately. Want to guess who’s winning?

Before I even get into this story, I want to take a minute to praise Hunter Biden. This is a man who has lived through horrible tragedies. He has struggled with and overcome addiction.

Addiction is pervasive in our society. Almost everybody has known or does know someone who has struggled with it. I have several friends in recovery for years, and they are vibrant and great people. Hunter Biden made a choice. He got sober and struggled through his pain and his addictions. He has earned our respect.

That leads me to the other son, one Don Junior. This spoiled tot is everything most people aspire not to be. He is a bully. He is a brat. He is a punchline and a symbol of all that’s wrong with the world of MAGA. Now we can add the fact that little Junior finds addictions amusing.

In Hunter’s new book, “Beautiful Things: A Memoir”, he mentions Parmesan cheese and how closely it resembles crack. This caught Junior’s ear because he proceeded to post on his Instagram account a photo of Parmesan cheese along with a crack pipe.

Take the time to think about that. Who in the world would get pleasure out of mocking someone struggling with substance abuse issues? How clueless and cruel does one have to be to do that?

This “son of an insurrectionist” is certainly not a happy person because people who embrace life and happiness do not have the time or inclination to spread cruelty. Like his father, Junior seems to have no empathy. There does not seem to be anything inside him except cruelty and a burning desire to see others in pain.

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