Donald Trump is over

Donald Trump is over. Yes, you read that right. Trump is totally and completely over. And CPAC proved that. For readers of Palmer Report, I hope you read Bill Palmer’s article predicting what Trump’s speech would be like. Because, as usual, he was right again. Trump was limp. He was unemotional. There was a flat affect to his voice. There was no energy, no excitement. He seemed tired.

I watched that speech, thinking I’d write about it. But at the end of the day, I discarded that plan. I decided writing about what Trump didn’t say or do would be much more fitting.

Trump didn’t emote. He did not engage. He appeared listless and spoke as he does when reading from a teleprompter. It was quite anti-climactic after what many had expected, I am sure.

And Trump did not announce his candidacy for 2024. Why would he? He will be in prison by then, and he likely knows it. So he did the obligatory CPAC speech. Can anyone remember one thing he said of significance?

So, Trump is done. It is over for him. The only ones saying different are, of course, the Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity types. They get PAID to say nice things about Trump. But make no mistake, if CPAC speeches were graded, Trump would get a nice big F for this one. It was dull. It was meaningless. And it showed the strength that many attributed to Individual One is gone and is not likely to come back.

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