Donald Trump is already making a total mess out of the midterms for the Republicans

Orange F—k Face (OFF) recently endorsed US Rep. Mary Miller (GQP-Illinois) in the primary for the state’s 15th District. She’s running for that district because redistricting eliminated her current district. Problem? Another member of the GQP is also seeking reelection in the 15th, Rep. Rodney Davis. Davis had been endorsed by state GQP leadership. Miller is a close friend of treasonous GQP Rep. MTG who encouraged OFF to endorse Miller for that house seat. Miller is about as reich wing as Greene is, and a member of the hardline freedumb caucus. Davis ain’t nearly reich wing enough for MTG or OFF’s tastes despite his previous ties to OFF. He also voted to certify the 2020 election and supported the formation of a bi-partisan commission to investigate the January 6 terrorist attack.

GQP leadership at both the State and Federal levels prevailed upon OFF not to get involved in the primary contest between Davis and Miller. Did OFF listen to them? Oh, God no. He inserted himself into this primary contest and endorsed Miller.


Hopefully OFF’s behavior here will come back to bite the GQP in the ass. I hope what will happen is that Davis will get primaried out of his seat and then Miller will lose in the general because the Branch Trumpvidian vote all by itself isn’t enough for her to win. In any case, we need a hard, pipe hitting Democrat to run for that seat and give 115% to have a Democratic representative for that part of Illinois.

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