Donald Trump crashes and burns

On Saturday the Orange Florida Doofus (OFD) and his pal Bill O’Reilly had a bund meeting in Sunrise, Florida at the FLA Live Arena. This is the first of four bund meetings that the pair is having. They’re also having bund meetings in Orlando and a couple in Texas next week.

Well, the Sunrise event turned into a great big nothing. So many tickets for said bund meeting were unsold that the organizers decided to close off the upper levels of the arena and move everyone who had bought tickets for seats in the nosebleed sections down to the lower levels:

Before the meeting the OFD had boasted through his lackey Liz Harrington that he was looking forward to all the big crowds that would be coming for his Sunrise bund meeting and the next day in Orlando. OFD and O’Reilly came out to a largely empty stadium an hour late, with some of their supporters angry at the late start and the empty stadium instead of the big crowds promised.


Obviously, people in Sunrise and surrounding areas had better things to do then attend a grievance fest lead by a couple of geriatric toddlers. And the media had other fish to fry Saturday instead of hyping up the bund meeting (such as the tornado outbreak). Hell, even before this non-event there was very little coverage of the fact that the geriatric toddlers were having a bund meeting. If it hadn’t been for the article highlighting what a dud this event was, I wouldn’t have even known of it. The days of every news outlet in the country falling over each other to report on the latest doings of OFD are obviously over now.

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