#CovidKim strikes again

Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds and her GQP enablers in the Iowa Legislature followed the lead of other bottom feeders such as Abbott and DeSantis in taking away control from others to protect themselves and the people they serve. GQP legislators passed a bill which CovidKim gleefully signed into law that forbids local governments and school districts from mandating masks.

As we’ve seen so often, CovidKim and the Iowa GQP only believe in local control when it’s used to oppress minorities. When local governments want to act to protect their citizens that’s when CovidKim and her enablers have a problem.

Of course, CovidKim and Pat Grassley (R-Back Side of Horse) are busily spouting off about how this is all about freedom and the state giving control to parents. Bullshit. This is about an Orange Former Guy (OFG) worshiping governor and GQP legislators kissing up to OFG and his Branch Trumpvidian followers. This is about actively refusing to allow local governments to do what’s needed even if it conflicts with CovidKim’s wishes. This is about sabotaging President Biden and his response to the pandemic. What’s surprising to me is that CovidKim didn’t go the DeSantis route and tell private businesses that they couldn’t require people to wear masks.


This is disgusting. This is further proof that Iowa’s Branch Trumpvidian Government does not care about the people of this state but only about scoring points for the OFG base. It is further proof that CovidKim is the 50th best Governor in this country who envisions herself as a Queen and not an elected servant of the people. She and her GQP enablers all need to be voted out next year.

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