Clarence Thomas goes off the deep end

States such as Georgia and Texas are known as minority/majority states. That means the majority of the population of the state are minority members; i.e. people of color. In other words, people of color comprise the major part of the voting population and yet due to GOP engineered gerrymandering, those voters are, in effect, disenfranchised and under-represented in not only the state legislature but in Congress.
Gerrymandering is a scourge to democratic governance and must be addressed and rectified. However, Justice Thomas’s opinion – unsupported by his fellow justices, it should be noted – dealt with the wide-eyed conspiracy theory that the election in the USA were undermined by the mere suggestion that they were fraudulent.

To wit: It’s not the appearance of fraud or corruption but simply the assertion of fraud that, to the mind of the Supreme Court Justice, necessitates measures of voter suppression which States like Georgia are enacting under Republican state legislatures.

Huh? For years, the ‘former fella’ whined and whinged about voter fraud. He even set up a panel to investigate the 2016 election. The panel fell apart after finding nothing. Voter fraud was a chimera of his own febrile, narcissistic imagination. The disgraced AG, Bill Barr even declared the 2020 the most secure election in history. Plainly put; there was no instance of fraud which affected the election.

Yet, here we have Justice Thomas trying to tip the scales to the QAnon-Big Lie side with his preposterous pronouncement that the risk of fraud with mail-in ballots are “vastly more prevalent” without ever citing evidence. It’s easy to understand why Thomas offered no evidence; there is none.

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