Chuck Schumer has got this

Chuck Schumer has a huge responsibility on his shoulders and he knows it. Schumer has said that he and President Biden are simpatico when it comes Biden’s big, bold plans. They are both very excited about them.

There has been a shift in what Americans want and need from their government, and Biden plans to fulfill that need with his American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. They have huge bipartisan support with voters — just not with elected Republicans in Washington. The former guy even proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure plan long before he left office, but it went nowhere, so why are we even trying to compromise with the GOP? Because Biden promised he would and at least one Democratic Senator is demanding it.

Schumer’s bottom line is we must pass HR1/S1 by August, and the American Jobs Plan, at a minimum, before the 2022 elections, if we want to not only hold our seats in the House and the Senate, but to gain to some. We have to be able to show voters we can get results.

Biden is meeting with Republicans, and Schumer has authorized Manchin to work on compromises, but Schumer is realistic that it will not happen, especially since McConnell has drawn a line in the sand opposing the proposed tax hikes.

Schumer plans to put several bills on the floor for a vote in May and June, including HR8 (gun safety). He intends to show that Republicans will filibuster anything they oppose without compromise. So unless Republicans surprise us, there will come a point where Manchin and possibly others will simply have to face facts that the filibuster has become nothing but an obstructive tool that will require at least some reform to pass HR1/S1.

Surely all Democrats know our democracy is the most important thing. If not, Schumer plans to show them that it is.

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