Caught red handed

This week the House passed Biden’s 1.9 Trillion dollar COVID relief bill. The vote was pretty much along party lines, but the important thing is that it cleared the House with a vote of 219-212.

Yet, some Republicans were conspicuously absent. They did vote but had to do it by proxy. These GOP members used the excuse that they could not be there to vote during a public health emergency.

Wow. The Republicans have finally acknowledged COVID exists! Not only that, but they are scared for themselves! So, one would imagine they would be safe at home, social distancing, and practicing COVID safety. Right?

Sadly, this was yet another big lie by these GOP members because they were not at home. These rats, were in fact, hamming it up at CPAC. Many were not wearing masks. So much for the “public health emergency.”

What is so incredible about this story is that Republicans hate the whole vote by proxy thing and even at one time filed litigation to end it. This little nugget of truth did not stop them, though. They chose to put CPAC over being there for the American People. AND they decided to lie about why.

This is a fact. They were caught red-handed in this lie. I would like to see commercials before the mid-terms of maskless Republicans hamming it up before a gold statue while the hard at work Democrats passed vital legislation that will no doubt save lives. And their disgusting lie about public health concerns must be included in any commercial. The Republicans lied, which is no shocker, but they are becoming more blatant about it. Hopefully, we can use this vile behavior to retain both The House and the Senate.

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