Brian Kemp is having a no good, very bad day

Governor Brian Kemp is having a no good, very bad day. The Georgia Governor and corrupt racist attempted to defend his signing of this despicable voter suppression legislation. Kemp argued futilely that the bill increases voters’ rights.

Keeping water and food away from hot and tired Georgians was not explained by Kemp, most likely because there is no reason except racism and cruelty. Nobody was buying what the dishonorable governor was selling. And now people are reacting hard. And one group of people reacting are the MLB players.

Per Rachel Maddow: “MLB players ready to discuss moving All-Star Game from Georgia in wake of voter-restriction laws.” Thanks for letting us know, Rachel! And indeed, talks are starting about this very subject. The 91st MLB Game is scheduled for Atlanta this summer, in July.

Tony Clark is the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, and he spoke out. Saying the players were aware of the bill, Clark said they would welcome the chance to talk about moving the game somewhere else with the league.

And I think it’s a great idea. Everybody should tweet just how great an idea that is. So, Kemp is now in danger of losing this significant event, and I can confidently say that other boycotts are being discussed and planned. The Republicans have made a mistake with this one. The good news is that this horrible bill signed by an equally horrific Governor is being taken seriously.

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