Another Trump henchman takes a fall

After four plus years of staring down the wrong end of a shotgun of woe with the likes of Donald and Paul and Roger and Steve and Steve and Mitch itching to pull the trigger on both barrels, I find that recent events – since January 20th, to clarify – have caused me to change my perspective.

The GOP, under the Grim Reaper and the Orange One, looked destined to rain ruination upon us all. Most terrifying, they nearly succeeded. The maliciously Malthusian approach to bungling the response to the pandemic was but one way in which their efforts to devastate the Republic gave terror. That ‘one’, it is now realized, brings with it a whole host of woes; all of which were concisely ignored by ‘you-know-who’.
(That the Trumpian approach was one of ignorance or was, indeed, Malthusian and malicious is a topic for another day.)

Yesterday was another day that brought joy to a darkened world. Lou Dobbs lost his show. Loopy Rudy and Sydney QAnon are being sued for BILLIONS. MTG was removed from committee assignments. Both senators from Georgia are Democrats! The Senate has thusly been wrenched from Mitch McConnell. Trump has been impeached a second time and awaits trial. Oh, frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

With him and Mitch and the GOP out of power, I no longer find myself fretting each day; fretting that the triggers will be pulled and the hammers will fall. Sure, the pandemic continues to rage and climate change is unchecked, and so on and so on, but, in the parlance of our time. ‘the adults are back in charge.’ A fair, promising history is being written by the Biden administration – by the adults.

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