Another one bites the dust

Another anti-vaxxer recently passed away. This time it was Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen, after battling COVID. He led the Washington State efforts to get Trump elected. He fought tooth and nail against any protective measures to stop the spread of COVID. This was a guy who was quite critical of Governor Inslee’s measures, which included vaccines and mandates. He sponsored legislation to kneecap the government when it came to making sure people were vaccinated.

Like so many of his other Branch Trumpvidian fellow travelers, he also spent his days flooding his social media with bullshit. Not only did he spout off about vaccination and other pandemic prevention measures, but climate change as well. We’ve had some extreme weather here in the Midwest and Midsouth over the past week, but I imagine Senator Ericksen would have been spouting off the same garbage even if he had been in the middle of the storm.

After he returned to the United States there was almost no communication from him or his office until the announcement of his death came forth. I can’t say why he didn’t communicate it but it wouldn’t be unreasonable that his circumstances made it impossible for him to do so.


We’ve already seen a number of anti-vax/mask activists get sick then die from COVID-19. It doesn’t seem to do all that much good to convince others to take this pandemic seriously. Maybe Ericksen’s death would, but I highly doubt it would have that effect.

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